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Thanks for reading folks!  I’m launching a new site at  Come on over!

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Come over to my new site:

Twittering the Moon: Anyone know what that star is next to the moon?

the-moon-and-venusActually it’s not a star – it’s the planet Venus…

Last night (February 27th 2009) I saw a really bright “star” next to the moon and wondered what it was.  I wondered if twitter would tell me, so I did a twitter search for “star next to the moon.” Of course, not only did twitter have an answer verified by hundreds of people, but it beautifully illustrated the thoughts of people around the world looking up in wonder at that same bright star in the sky – an age-old philosophical musing suddenly and poignantly jolted into the realm of the tangible.  For those of us who still think Twitter is a pointless waste of time, I hope this example provokes some curiosity.

To really hit this idea home for you – I’m taking it a step further.  Here is a video of photos posted on Flick.  These were all taken on February 27th 2009 looking at the moon and Venus from all around the world.

Hire Me! – My Design Portfolio and Resume

The recession has slowed things down over at Kingfisher Product Design and we’re all looking for work – either more work for Kingfisher, or looking to get hired at new companies.  Please take a look at my portfolio and send any tips my way.  Cheers -


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From microblog to Network Protocol: How Twitter will redefine the Internet

Yesterday I had a realization about Twitter.  Twitter is not just a messaging service anymore, it is becoming a veritable Protocol.*  This might sound like a boring technical nuance, but it’s not – it could redefine how we use the internet.  Let me try to illustrate how: (though im just starting to think about this, so I’m still trying to imagine it myself)

*(Wikipedia definition of Protocol: In computing, a protocol is a convention or standard that controls or enables the connection, communication, and data transfer between computing endpoints.)

I was reading a Tech Crunch article about music related twitter mashups that lists the many ways people are using twitter to listen to music.  One example is a music discovery service called

- Users twitter a tinyurl link to a streaming mp3.  In the twitter they include a custom hash tag that tips off the twisten crawler to cataloge the song in various playlists.  At the end of the day, you can go to Twisten and have immediate searchable access to everyone’s twittered music.

Why does this make Twitter a protocol and why does it matter?

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Spotify: A free iTunes with all the music in the world – coming soon to your phone

Epicenter Repost – End Game: Spotify on the iPhone
Wish I had more time to write a commentary, but you should all know, that free music is coming soon.  And this video will give you a little preview.

In other news, iTunes Pass will soon let you pay money to download a bunch of music that you can get for free on Spotify.


Realtime! Experimental post! I predict that “realtime” is going to take off as a huge buzzword starting this week, check out google trends for “realtime”.  Check out twitter search for “realtime”.  And I’m totally trying to shamelessly exploit that trend.  But I’m totally doing it as an experiment – so it’s totally, (like,) valid.  it’s totally in the spirit of realtime after all.  (shoutout – Frankey would have wanted me to.)  So we’ll see.  I mean, i could be completely wrong about this.  REALTIME!!

-Thinksketch.  (realtime).

p.s. oh yeah, mandatory image.


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